More Spring Cleaning


Extreme close-up of my new friend. There are several horse farms near where I live — It's a rural area combined with very close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and therefore lots of Bay front communities. I saw the horses close to the fence and stopped to photograph them and they were just as curious about me. I wished I had brought some carrots or apples with me to feed them. They were very friendly and let me pet them and they also licked my hand 😉

I spent this weekend in an organizing and spring cleaning frenzy.  I cleaned out several cabinets, and the refrigerator, and have made a committment to clean out at least one drawer and cabinet daily.  I also did some baking:


Mini Orange Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes, and I also made Filet of Beef Bourguignon on Saturday which was SO GOOD.  The cupcakes were slightly overbaked but delicious nonetheless.   Both recipes courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten.  I also purchased an ice cream maker (an attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer).  The container is in the freezer getting nice and cold, and I made the ice cream, which is now cooling in the refrigerator, and the magic of actually creating the frozen product will happen later this evening.  I will post more on the ice cream project tomorrow.  A very productive weekend, indeed.

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