Muddy Creek Artists Guild Fall Show

The Muddy Creek Harvest of Artists  was held this weekend at Greenstreet Gardens.  I am a member of the Guild and participated in the show.  There are such a talented group of people that not only display their art in the show but also help to get everything together for the show and then to get everything put away after the show.  After all, the Muddy Creek Artist Guild are a band of intrepid roving artists, showing our wares in different venues a few times per year.  Some scenes from the show:

DSC_7868 DSC_7870 DSC_7872 DSC_7873


I loved these beautiful hand made books so much I even bought one 🙂

This cabinet was for sale, and I loved it so much and wish I had a place for it in my house.  It sold during the show, and I hope it found a very happy home.

Overall, this show was much more of a success for me than the last show (at Christmas).  I didn't quite break even, but making progress.  I need to tweak things, more single cards for sure of my hummingbirds and other photographs for the next show as well as the boxed card sets I had for sale this show.  All five hummingbird boxed card sets sold during this show, and one of my hummingbird matted prints also sold.

And, my friend, Nanette helped me out the most by purchasing this framed photo:

Chesapeake Bay BridgeLR
This is a black and white film print on fiber paper, so back to the darkroom to make some more next week.

A great experience, and we had the whole show broken down within an hour.

Good stuff.


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