My Approach to Project Life

For me,
project life is about documenting my weekly activities through words and photos
and memorabilia from the week.  The
actual Project Life concept is the brain child of Becky Higgins.  She created a brilliant system of
documenting life weekly, and provides a place for everything with different
sized pocket protectors to hold all of the memorabilia of life.  It’s a great tool for me to keep track
of all that is going on in my life (I am so grateful and thankful).  When I get a card, or ticket stubs, it
all goes into one of those pockets and eliminates a lot of paper clutter in my
life (which is a good thing for me). 

Weekly Title Card:



I have my title card for the week and I am using scrapbook paper from the
Mariposa Butterfly Collection, 8”x8”, and then trim it down to 6”x4”   I am also using Adage Tickets by
Tim Holtz (which I’ve had forever) and they have different words on them,
“Dream,” “Trust,” “Love,” etc.  I
use either a white Avery file folder label or a colored address label from
Paper Source and stamp the dates. 
I document my week from Monday to Sunday so that the entire weekend is
included in one spread.  If I have
a lot going on, or go out of town, I’ll just add an extra page to that week.

This year, I
did purchase the Project Life Sea Foam kit, created by Elise Blaha Cripe

4133frJX0eL._AA160_I loved what she did with the kit, the
colors, the cards, and I love to support independent artists.  I incorporate all different kinds of
papers and scrapbooking supplies, almost exclusively using what I have on
hand.  I didn’t bring the Sea Foam
kit with me on this trip, so I am using other elements and will incorporate the
Sea Foam kit into my Project Life pages later when I am working at home

I also purchased three
matching 12×12 binders (from the Amber Collection, which is currently out of
stock on Amazon and not sure if they will be available again), as I tend to fill up a
binder after four months.  Finding
a place to store all of these Project Binders is on my to do list.


Day One Journaling App

 Also new
this year, is the way I document my week. 
I am using Day One, an awesome journaling app where you can also upload
photos.  I am also using Drop Box,
but am also investigating iCloud and some other forms of online storage so that
I can access photos and documents from my desktop and laptop when I’m not home.  Based on advice I read online from
other Project Life users, I have a folder in Drop Box entitled “Project Life,”
and within that folder a folder for every week of the year.  A bit labor intensive to get set up,
but then all of your photos and journaling for that week is in one place.

This is my
second year actively participating in Project Life.  I love the process, and especially love going back and
looking at my finished albums. 
Time goes by so quickly, and I don’t want to miss a thing.

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