My Blog’s (Belated) Birthday

Happy Birthday, Blog
So, the blog turned 4 on April 16th.  Wow.  I thought about posting some of my favorite photos, or links to my favorite posts, but things are really hectic in my life right now.  Purple Heart just picked up the massive donation of stuff from the attic.  

I still have more work to do in the attic and in the house in general, in preparation for when I have to not do much of anything in a few weeks for quite awhile.  (Which may mean another blog hiatus for just a little while).  Not sure if I will go into details here or not.  Sometimes I think people don't talk enough about things to help other people going through the same circumstances.  That may be why I decide to share my story here.  I just want to be sure that it feels right to me.  

As far as my blogging goes, it hasn't really taken off like I had hoped, but I do love and appreicate all of my readers, and going forward if I better define my focus, perhaps I will get better results.

One of my favorite photos this week:

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Look for some Instagram photos from the road!

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