My iphone, My Friend

DSC_6569DSC_6570This iphone 3G has been in my life since December 25, 2008.  In the "smart phone" era, my phone is ancient.  I have been eligible for an upgrade for a really long time, and currently I have no contract with my provider, AT&T.  I liked my iphone and well, I was hoping to hold out for the next iphone release, the iphone 5, which I heard was going to be in September.

I don't think I'm going to be able to wait that long.  The home button on the front of the phone has stopped working, which means I can no longer navigate from say, the phone menu to my Facebook menu (or any other app).  I have to power the phone off to get back to the main menu, and then whenever I select an app, I'm stuck there until I power the phone off again.

Not too cool. So, an appointment at the Genius bar at the Apple store tomorrow afternoon, but I'm thinking the phone is done, unless I want to wait another month and use just the phone features on my phone (what a novel concept!) and not be able to use all of the other cool features on my ancient phone.

I will also have to order another cover from here for my new phone, whether I wait it out or not.  And there is no guarantee the iphone 5 is coming out in September, just rumor.  Hard to plan your life based on a rumor.

The funny part is AT&T said I was eligible for an upgrade "discount" of $299 for the new iphone 4 that I was looking at, which is the exact same price that the Apple store is selling it for without a discount.  And the Apple store will customize the phone for me as well, which is a huge bonus.

Will update my phone status tomorrow.


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