Mystery Solved

DSC_1869 DSC_1866

I took this photo the other day using the tungsten setting on my camera. It really makes the blues pop under the right circumstances.

I finally heard back from the gallery where I had the horse photo for sale.  Apparently, my piece sold at an auction in December for $60 🙁  I was never notified that my piece had sold.  So if I hadn't bothered to follow up, I would have never known that it sold.  I paid a lot more than $60 to have that piece framed.  The e-mail I received wasn't very nice, and the owner was quite defensive. Apparently, the gallery's computer has been down for some time, so they weren't getting e-mails, and my phone call wasn't returned.  All in all a very unpleasant experience, and one that I want to put behind me.

A very valuable lesson learned.  

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