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I noticed four more caterpillars in various stages of development on my parsley on Saturday.  Two of the caterpillars have already gone into chrysalis, although one of them was really small, so I'm thinking it might not develop properly.  One more is just about ready to go into the chrysalis phase and the last caterpillar has a way to go yet.  I'm not sure if these guys will emerge as black swallowtail butterflies in a week or so or if they are going to winter over in the caterpillar castle.  I'll keep you posted. 

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The yellow goldfinches have been camped out on what's left of the purple cone flowers eating the seeds from the middle of the flower.  It's been fun watching and photographing them.

I'm also having a blast watching the four to five hummingbirds visiting the feeders every day.  I need to get some more photos of them.

Seriously working on my photography portfolio, and pricing out services.  Time to get serious.   

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