Nature’s Show In My Own Backyard


A Butterfly getting the dew out of a morning glory on my patio.  This should have been my NYIP submission for the backlit photo 🙁

Sometimes the right photo comes along at the wrong time.  Oh well.


I was able to grab the camera in time to capture a rare visitor to one of my flower beds – I’ve only seen one other of these in all the time I’ve lived here:



Contrary to popular belief, these Eastern Box Turtles move FAST.  When I lived in the country, I used to see these turtles all the time – not so much in a neighborhood setting.  I have seen more snapping turtles here in this area, I suppose due to the marsh type setting that I live in.  Snapping turtles enjoy a fresh waster habitat, and are turtles I give plenty of room to because they will snap, especially when threatened on land.


A busy weekend for me running errands to get all of the remaining supplies I need for photography class and drawing class, plus doing homework, and getting a chance to do something creative, creative being the operative word – it seems to have left me lately.  (sigh).


I do plan to get out the camera and take some black and white photos for one of my photography class assignments due on September 16th, as well as shooting some digital photos.


Whatever you do this weekend, have fun, be safe, and do something creative.


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