Navigating New Territory


Wow, back at home and back into reality.  Tons of mail to deal with internet issues, email issues, bills to pay, home maintenance projects, etc.  Then back on the road.  I love being home, and at times like this when there is so much going on, it is difficult to sit back and relax and enjoy this space.  There is so much I need to do here at home, it is just finding that balance to getting things done that aren’t so much fun with doing stuff that is.

Lots of fun today on the boat with some girlfriends.

Now time to pack and get ready for the next adventure.


This has been keeping me grounded.  Walking.  Walking.  Walking.  Lots of power walking, not just strolling along, arms pumping walking as fast as I can.  It helps.  I keep track of my walking wit an iPhone app called “Map My Walk.”  Not the same as walking with my Mom at the beach, though.  That was awesome.

In addition, I have been doing lots of drawing.  And today she came out, and I love the determination on her face.  I channeled her enough to create her, and that’s who I need to become:


Don’t mess with this girl.

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