New York City Outside of Times Square

IMG_1527The Union Square Greenmarket

Don’t get me wrong. Times Square is awesome.

And crowded, and full of tourists.

I’ve been to New York City several times, and only on this last visit did I let go of staying in Times Square and opt to stay in one of the many, many other neighborhoods in Manhattan (which is only a subway ride/taxi cab ride away from Times Square and the Theater District).

I was so happy I made that decision, and I selected the Chinatown and Little Italy neighborhood to begin my quest of discovering Manhattan’s many neighborhoods.  I am learning to ride the subway, and realizing that New Yorkers are really soft underneath that tough exterior.


Street art in Chinatown.


A lady walking her dogs outside the Union Square Greenmarket.


All sorts of stuff for sale at the Greenmarket.

DSC_2013IMG_1528IMG_1531You can even buy fresh rabbit at the Greenmarket in Union Square.


All sorts of plants for sale for all of those window sills, rooftop spaces, balconies, and urban gardens that are sprinkled all throughout New York City.IMG_1537

My breakfast, a chocolate croissant from an obliging bakery at the market.  (It was really, really good!)


A lovely place to eat my breakfast.

DSC_2021DSC_2044DSC_2046DSC_2048DSC_2049This should read:  “Guy making cigars by hand in Little Italy.”

Absolutely take the subway or a cab to Times Square to catch a show or just to revel in all that is Times Square.  

And with that, I must pay respect to Dick Clark, who passed away today at 82 years old.  Who doesn’t remember ringing in a New Year’s Eve on television with Dick Clark in Times Square?

Rest in peace, my friend.

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