No Fear: My Camping Adventure to Assateague Island – Part II

A very early 6:30 a.m. (or thereabouts) sunrise on day 2.

My neat and organized camp site with the shade cover.  I am so proud of this — I did it all by myself!

Late afternoon, after I left my campsite for a few hours, the shade cover blew off, and it was a mess, so I dismantled it because the winds were not cooperating AT ALL.

I love how the wind made these patterns in the sand.

Another (honest) self-portrait.

My full moon shot, rather unsuccessful (as it is not in sharp focus), need to adjust my settings, and use of lenses.

My camera was not out and available as it normally is because of the elements:  sand, salt water, humidity, and heavy dew.  I changed lenses inside of my tent, and even then, the wind was really blowing on the 2nd day, and sand was all inside of my tent.

The second day was more relaxing.  I set up my shade cover, and the wind began blowing, but I was confident it would hold, especially with my super long tent stakes.   Wrong.   I went to run an errand to the grocery store, and when I got back, my shade cover blew over and was a mess.  I ended up taking it down altogether. 

I set up the camera to take photos of the moon from the beach, and the moon rose under a dense cover of haze, so that was no good for photos.  Back at the campsite, I captured a photo of the moon coming up over the sand dune.  Not perfect, but it would have to do.  Have a great fire at the campsite.

Honestly, I was so tired.  Another tinfoil dinner, and then a walk on the beach under the moonlit night at low tide.  It was magical.  Time for bed, and the air mattress on top of the cot worked like a charm because I slept SO well.

Up again early on Wednesday morning.  Good thing because it’s time to pack up and head for home.  Waited for the dew to dry off of the tent before packing it up.  Then began the long and tedious task of hauling everything back through the sand to the boardwalk, loading the cart and taking stuff to the car.  Arranging camping gear in the car was much more haphazard than when it was on Monday when I arrived because Mom was largely responsible for arranging everything in the car.  I was so hot and sweaty and my calves were aching by the time I got done, I was ready to go. 

Camping out was a great experience and I enjoyed the time alone.  There was a time in my life when I would have felt awkward about the prospect of camping out alone, and would have wished someone else was with me.  Thankfully, I have come to realize that being alone gives me time to think and reflect.  I have no one else’s agenda to consider, I can do what I want when I want, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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