NYC is Awesome Anytime of Year

If I had my life to do all over again, I would have moved to NYC and been like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl.  That was my life, except for the part where she ends up with a huge new job at the end of the movie.  But everything else (almost) mirrored my own life, just here in the DC area.  NYC is such a cool place…I ❤ going to NYC anytime of year.  Here are some images from some of my recent visits (within the last month).

IMG_1387I love this star in the middle of the street on Madison Avenue & 57th Street.  So foggy that the buildings just disappear.

IMG_1398Times Square.

IMG_1380Grand Central Station.  Again, I love how the building behind it disappears in the fog.

IMG_1376A woman doing yoga in the store window.  (SO awesome!  And only in NYC)

IMG_1374A paper butterfly in Pearl River Mart on Broadway (Lower Manhattan).

IMG_1373Love this sign, again in Pearl River Mart.

IMG_1372Only in NYC would you find a food truck with cupcakes.

IMG_1371Close-up of the cupcakes.

IMG_0495Cool photo of the Chrysler Building in the fog…

IMG_0429Love the cool chalkboard menu in this restaurant.  The steak and cheese was SO good.  All the food in NYC is SO good.


❤❤❤❤ this!  (Union Square)
IMG_1414❤❤❤❤ this too, a Boston Cream Cupcake from Molly’s Cupcakes on Bleecker Street.

IMG_0473One visit was cold with rain and snow showers.

IMG_1402I had never eaten a White Castle burger until the other night (gasp!)  I liked that you could order just one little one and be done.  Very good.

Times Square is fun to visit, but now I love to visit the other parts of the city too, Soho, Little Italy, TriBeCa, Chelsea, Union Square, Columbus Circle, Central Park, etc. and discover really cool places to eat and one of a kind stores to discover, and it’s always so much fun just to people watch.

Places I love to shop:  Century 21 (designer clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods) down in the Financial District, Macy’s in Herald Square, Uniqlo (great clothes, great prices), Muji  (Japanese home goods store that sells an awesome array of office supplies) and Pearl River Market  (great place for hand made paper and stationery supplies) (all of these stores are on Broadway in Lower Manhattan).

B&H is the most amazing camera store I have ever seen.  Don’t try to go there on a Saturday.  Hasidic Jews own the store and work there, and the facility is closed on Saturdays for the Jewish Sabbath.  I went in there the other day to drool over my new camera, which I haven’t purchased yet, but hope to in the near future.  Even if  you aren’t a camera/video enthusiast, just going in there to browse is an amazing experience. The store carries literally everything having to do with cameras and video equipment, from the most basic starter camera to the most sophisticated lighting system for video production.  There are 60 people behind the counter ready to help you with your purchase, and to answer any question you may have on the 2nd floor, and an amazing conveyor belt system that takes your purchases from the second floor down to the first floor to the cashier, once you have made your purchase.

I also love to take the train up to NYC.  It’s a lot of fun.

New York is a very expensive place to visit, although in January and February, prices are much lower because not many tourists want to visit in the winter.

I say save your money and go either in the spring (before the summer crowds descend upon the city), or visit at Christmas — New York City is a truly magical place during Christmas.

Yeah, nothing trendy or even very touristy in theses photos, but this city has stolen my heart, and to think I never even visited here until after 2001.

What was I thinking?


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