On a Mission to Simplify

My word for 2011 is simplify.  Up until now, I haven’t given my word much thought or attention.  Part of that is because I am not a January-1-New-Year-New Beginning- Start-Over kind of person.  I have been a late bloomer in all aspects of my life, so now seems like the right time to really give my word of the year the attention it deserves.  I have whined on and on and on about my quests to get organized and to clear stuff out that I no longer use, need or want.  The caveat to that, however, is to stop bringing in anything new, except groceries and dog and cat food.  I am at the point where I can’t stand all of the stuff around me, I am feeling closed in, claustrophobic, and worst of all, my creative energy is seriously impaired at the moment.

This typically results in a frenzy of mad activity I clean and purge and throw stuff in drawers to get it out of sight, only to have it mocking me when I struggle to open up an over-stuffed drawer or cabinet and things are falling onto my head.  I’m done with that.

I am a firm believer that the outer clutter in our homes is a direct manifestation of what’s going on in our heads.  I have a lot of clutter up there in my head, constant negative self-talk, and it spills over into my home, to excess weight on my body, and to a general state of feeling blah.

I have found some web sites on clearing the clutter and consulted with a super organized friend, and I have begun my quest this weekend to a more organized and peaceful individual. 

I particularly love this article on clearing the clutter:  18 Five-Minute Decluttering Tips from Zen Habits.   So I have started decluttering in my craft room.  I don’t think I have ever gone through all of my crafting supplies and purged.  I have been procrastinating on this project because it seems so overwhelming when you look at the big picture.  So, I am not going to do that.  I am going to declutter five minutes at a time.

There is another big reason I want to declutter (besides saving my sanity), especially in my bedroom, office and craft room, is because those rooms desperately need new flooring, either carpet or hardwood floors, and in order to get that done, I need to get rid of the excess stuff. 

The goal is to slowly, over time, develop new and better organizational habits.  That all begins with not having SO MUCH STUFF to organize in the first place.

Less really is more…


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