One of Those Days ;-)


It seems as if my most poignant photos are always ones of me escaping to somewhere else, stairs, ladders, butterflies, water, always trying to get to point B — wherever that is from wherever I am.  Why is that?  I do know that I want to desperately escape this winter.

I am really frustrated today with uploading student projects to the classroom and getting the inevitable error message that my file size is TOO BIG even after I've zipped the file (sigh)!  I am trying to get my projects done and uploaded to the classroom before I leave on Monday and am really frustrated at the extremely limited file size the college will permit for upload.  (Let that go, let that go, and deal, deal, deal…)

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  1. Kathy, this is a wonderful site. You are such the artist . . . with your camera, eyes, and words. I will check it with you again.

  2. P.S. You really are ALL THAT and it has absolutely nothing to do with your hair.

  3. love love love the stairs. the contrast is ideal and the texture is great!

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