One of Those Days :-(

A hummingbird actually perched on my clematis trellis. 

Today was one of those days that I just wished wasn't.  Everything seemed to go wrong right from the beginning.

Annie had diarrhea in her crate first thing this morning, I got a flat tire on the way home from the dentist (which I do not have health coverage for so the cost is totally out of pocket) and had to buy a new tire for $167 plus a $50 membership to Costco (because this was where I broke down and I didn't have a membership), the door to my office got locked and no matter how I tried to jimmy it, it would not open.  Finally I had to take the lock apart, and still couldn't get the door to unlock, so I had to bust in the door and now there are pieces of the door all over the floor.  I am in the process of gluing everything back in place, but my just have to splurge for another door, and finally a doctor's appointment I had scheduled six weeks ago has to be rescheduled because the test can't be done during a certain time and of course that time just showed up for me this morning.  So, that's now on hold until July 12th.

On the bright side, it has been a gorgeous summer day, and I got some beautiful photos of a hummingbird perched outside using my 200 to 500 mm lens with the camera mounted on the tripod with the cable release and external flash.

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