One Step Forward (And and Expensive One :-( )

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This was the view from my office window yesterday, as I was working most of the day on outstanding projects.  I am paring down my "to-do" list by getting things done and crossing them off.  And with that, I finally ordered business cards from!  I chose the option of uploading 50 of my photos and having a different photo printed on each card, with the information on the back staying the same.  There was a 30% off sale so I ended up with 400 business cards for $116 (including shipping).  It was a long and tedious process to get all of those photos uploaded and the wording and you have a three hour window to correct or change anything after making your purchase.  Everything looked great.  So I go back and check after the three hour window and there was a mistake on text of my card 🙁  I was SO BUMMED.  I can't believe I didn't catch the mistake.  I thought about trying to fix it once I got the cards with a piece of white tape, but the bottom line is that it will look sloppy and it is SO not the image I'm trying to portray.  So, I reordered all 400 cards, and doubled my cost.  An expensive mistake, but one that has taught me a very valuable lesson — walk away from a project and then PROOFREAD, or have someone else look things over for you.

Maybe I'll use the defective business cards as gift tags or something … 

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Doris!

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