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Spring has officially arrived here at my house with the blooming of the crocus.  That makes me smile.

Making progress on the decluttering front, one day/thing/step at a time.  Also trying not to get out more than I can tackle in 15 to 30 minute increments so that I don't get overwhelmed.

I have realized that am rather addicted to social media, and am gently weaning myself.  This is time that could be better spent doing other things that will help me reach the goals I have set for myself this year.

Along that same vein, I have downgraded my cable service as well.  I can't totally give up HBO (because I love True Blood), but all of the other premium channels are gone.  Plus with Netflix and the ability to download movies to the Wii, I have more than enough entertainment to keep me busy.  

A recurring shoulder injury is keeping me from weight training at the gym, but am still taking Annie on brisk walks through the neighborhood.  After a cortizone shot and some exercises to do at home, I hope I can heal my shoulder so that I can avoid surgery, and get back to weight training.

I received an amazing gift from Mom (who mentioned she knew I was in decluttering mode, but couldn't resist buying these for me as a thank you for our trip to FL).

Measuring cups and spoons from Anthropologie.  Now, that would make any girl's day.  Thanks, Mom, and I will definitely make room for these.

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  1. I hope the cortisone shot works, it did for me when I had Bursitis in both my hips years ago. It acted up again recently….ahhh getting old really sucks! Weight training is great, I used to do it all the time, but can’t anymore. I understand what you mean about the social media (facebook) can become addictive. I’m limiting my time as well, just to play one game I like on and off and keep up with friends and family! You are very devoted to your photography, and I am very impressed with your work. I’m in a transition time I think, lol. Thinking of what direction I should go in, which is easier on my health etc. I can’t wait to see you, let me know when you get in, as I have a problem with short term memory as well…the weather is getting better, so hopefully your trip will be great! Teri

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