Origami Hearts

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This is what the finished project looked like.  This was inspired by a craft sheet at Paper Source, which showed how to make the hearts, and then you were instructed to hang them by scrap bits of ribbon from a fallen tree branch, which is exactly what I did.  I made the hearts from an old Paper Source catalog.  I looked for instructions to this project on the Paper Source website, but didn't find anything.  If you want to replicate this project, do an internet search on origami hearts and go for it, using old magazines to create your hearts.  To make the hearts, you begin with a perfect square, so when I made mine, I made 2 hearts out of a 6" square, 2 hearts out of a 5 1/2" square, and so on down to 1 1/2."

Happy crafting.

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  1. I wish to win the handmade book because it will be something from a very good friend of mine, I think I might use it as a diary, somethng I haven’t had since high school!!! I might even allow Wyatt a page or two!!!! 🙂

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