Outdoor Living: The Backyard

I love sitting in my outdoor room in the summer.  It is so cozy.  Although the umbrella is blocking it, there is an outdoor fan that keeps the air circulating, and outdoor speakers are mounted to the pergola so you can enjoy music out here as well.

In this photo, you can see the fan, and there is even a light as well.  I also have an outdoor clock mounted onto the fence.

I have lots and lots of potted plants (mostly annuals for the summer).  I love that you can put them anywhere for an instant splash of color, and annuals will bloom until the frost kills them.

I have been potting plants for my containers right on the steps to the side door to the house.  I would love to turn my old shed into a potting station at some point.

I usually put all of my house plants outside during the summer.  I am going to replant the aloe into that bright orange container to provide a splash of color (thanks, Mom, for the idea).  Some of my plants are still inside and I plan to move them outside as well within the next day or two.

My herbs.  I especially love and use basil and parsley in my salads, a staple for me during the warm summer months when it’s too hot to cook.

My herb garden is a bit of a mess this year, I didn’t pinch off and use the herbs as much as I should have and some of the parsley developed blooms, as did the chives (but really pretty purple flowers).  Promise to do better.

The dill is for the black swallowtail caterpillars, if the butterflies decide to lay eggs on the dill, then I’ll move the entire plant into the butterfly castle.

My strawberry plants which are producing fruit right now 🙂

This is a photo of the right side of my yard.  I have four tomato plants in pots, and they are thriving out here because they get lots of sun.  I am using pots, because Miss Annie likes to dig up newly planted things, as I have found out the hard way…

I love the potted herb/tomato plant I got from Sam’s Club in the spring.  The plant is doing really well, and there are some tomatoes already growing on the vine.

I love my dwarf Magnolia tree, and my hibiscus plants, which come back every year.  I planted the giant sunflowers, and Annie made a casualty out of a few of them, but 8 of them are thriving and should bloom later in the summer.

This is on the left side of the yard.  The French drain was installed several years ago to help the water drain from the yard (I am the low point, unfortunately, so all of the water drains into my yard).  The drain works beautifully.  The bird bath is a constant source of enjoyment, and I love to watch the birds drink and bathe.  Hostas are great shade plants and they are thriving in this location (when Annie doesn’t try to dig them up).

The far part of the back yard where the new shed was built.

This knockout rose bush has thrived without any attention at all.  I’d like to get a couple more for this area along the back fence.

The newest flower bed along the back of the house with hydrangeas and a butterfly bush.

This concludes the tour of the back yard, the front yard will be featured tomorrow.

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