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One thing I really love about this time of year is being able to enjoy my outdoor living room.  Here’s the official tour.  Above is the sitting area where I sit and day dream and watch all of the birds visiting the feeders.  I’ll have to do a separate post on the variety of birds that visit my feeders.  I’m in a very friendly competition with my neighbor, Heather, to see who attracts the most birds, but we figure they just go back and forth between all of the feeders.

DSC_7284There is a pergola covering the patio and I’m growing perennials that climb – a slower process than the annuals I plant every year that climb, but they do come back whereas the annuals don’t.  (I should just stick with the perennials, but I like the instant gratification and color of the annuals because I’m an impatient girl).

DSC_7287See, this is a climbing Hydrangea, and the lattice is cut into a butterfly shape (my idea) – the other idea is to have that hydrangea fill in all of that lattice with it’s lovely leaves and blooms – I don’t know if I’ll live that long, though 😉 but progress is being made slowly but surely.

DSC_7288It’s also very important to know what time it is when working out doors for a variety of reasons that I can’t recall at the moment.  (I think I just really liked that clock).  I got the clock at Expo Design Center, and I am SO sad to report that they have closed all of their stores – major bummer.  The thing growing on the other butterfly is a clematis, another slow growing perennial.  the plant with the pink flower is a mandevilla which will grow really fast and most likely climb up to the top of the pergola.  The peace lilies at the bottom are house plants that live outside at my insistence in the warm weather.  And, finally the mesh netting in the lower left is the butterfly castle with one cocoon that hasn’t opened up yet, and I don’t know if it will or not.  Last year, they all opened up the first week of May, but it’s cooler this year, so I don’t know if this one lone cocoon will open up.  I hope I get more caterpillars eating the Italian flat leaf parsley.  That’s the ONLY reason I buy so much of it – in the desperate irrational hope that the butterflies will lay their little eggs on the parsley like they did so abundantly two years ago.  (I really need to get a life, I do realize that).

DSC_7289And, finally, my favorite place to sit and watch the world go by….

Actually, so busy doing that I forgot the FINALS for Dancing With the Stars was on last night and tuned in to see Giles and Cheryl dance their free style, and that was IT :-(  The competition has been so close and the final three (Shawn Johnson, Melissa Rycroft and Giles Whateverhisnameis) are such great dancers that I'll be happy with whomever wins.  (I hope the dances are on the ABC website by tomorrow morning so I can see what I missed).

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