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Today has been a bustle of activity to get things done and get ready to leave tomorrow morning.  I decided to drive my own vehicle instead of renting a car because I'm only carrying liability insurance (which covers the other driver's vehicle in the event an accident is my fault and I get nothing for my vehicles) — so I have to buy coverage from the rental car facility and it was over $20/day bringing the cost of the rental up to $500+ for the week. If I had full coverage on my vehicles, it would have also covered the rental car and thus saved me the $20+ insurance fee.

Actually driving my own car works out better — no time table at all — if I want to leave earlier, later, return whenever — it's all totally fine.  I like the fact I can take all of my camera equipment and a small cooler and have it all accessible to me throughout the day.

A few things I want to stick to on this trip:

Stay on two lane roads as much as possible.  The book you see above:  Road Trip USA has been a great resource for planning this trip.  I like how they list an entire itinerary going down the east coast of the U.S. (for example) instead of just listing what they deem "scenic drives."

Stay in local/family owned motels when at all possible, and keep the cost less than $100/night before taxes.

Eat in local/family owned establishments (with the exception of Cracker Barrel located right over the Bay Bridge, and I will be stopping there tomorrow morning for breakfast.)

First stop is Chincoteague Island, which is only about 3 1/2 hours from here.  I booked what I hope is a lovely room in a family owned motel within walking distance of several restaurants.  I will post later on the accommodations.  

Another tip I have is if you have AAA — mention it every time you make any type of arrangements be it for hotels, rental cars, or any type of entertainment, ask if there is a AAA discount.  Many times there is a discount, but you have to ASK.  I saved $10 on my hotel room because I asked if there was a AAA discount.

Now, I need to go and finish packing…

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