Packing Up and Heading Out…

Dexter, getting ready to take his show on the road 🙂

I totally blew off school today.  I had (have) so much to do before leaving town tomorrow.  I've been feeling really tired lately.  I think it's the weather.  It's been so rainy and damp that I can't even venture outside without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.


In additon, it's harder when you live alone to do all the things that need to be done before leaving for almost two weeks. Every trip is different so my packing needs are vastly different as well.  This trip is like two mini trips combined into one.

Trip One Slot Canyons, Page, AZ

DSC_0170LRDSC_0156LR DSC_0174LR

I last visited Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ in the fall of 2006!  I can't believe it's been that long.  On that trip I went to the slot canyon alone, this trip is with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops (the same folks that I did the rafting trip last year through the Colorado River and Grand Canyon).  

It's going to be a lot of getting up super early to be on location to shoot right before and as the sun rises, and the same deal at sunset.  There is some hiking involved as well.  Plus carrying all of the camera gear and my tripod.  In additon, the elevation is about 4,200 to 4,500 feet and very dry air, basically the polar opposite of conditions here at home.  At least we are staying at the same hotel every night.

I have to remember to keep hydrated, and drink lots and lots of water, and keep lip balm on at all times.

Dress is going to be hiking boots, jeans, sweat shirts, short sleeved shirts and bascially being comfortable.

Trip Two:  Playing the slots:

Love this photo, even though it's slightly blurry.  Love the ghosting of the poeple walking past.  I Love Vegas.  

Dress for Vegas, totally different, dressy dresses and high heels all the way, baby (with flip flops for walking to and from places — those heels are too hard on the feet.)  Daywear, casual dresses with flip flops.  (I love flip flops, and would wear them even in winter if it wasn't so cold).

Vegas is the city that truly never sleeps.  Always SO much going on, it's total sensory overload.  It never gets old, like Disney World for grown-ups.  Seriously, three days in Vegas is enough.

I'm packing two suitcases, and flying Southwest, so no extra baggage fees.  


Will be posting from the road.

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