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A blind opossum at Flamingo Gardens.  Flamingo Gardens is a non-profit sanctuary that takes in injured wildlilfe that can't be released back into the wild because of the extent of their injuries.  This opossum, named Virginia, was hit by a car and was operated on, however the medications they gave her for pain management and to fight infections caused her to go blind and she was going to be put to sleep until Flamingo Gardens stepped in and gave her a home.  The sanctuary houses many species of injured birds as well (and cannot be released back into the wild due to the extent of their injuries), and breeding pairs have successfully produced healthy offspring that have been released into the wild. I spent a few hours here today taking LOTS of photos.

My laptop is out of memory and because of all the photos I take and I am having a lot of difficulties with my computer.  I have way too many photos on here and am not good at deleting the 9 shots of the same thing I'll never use.  So, that in a nutshell is my problem.  I need my desktop back and the external hard drive.

Tomorrow is my last full day here in Florida, and I'm ready to come home and get back to my own house with Zachary, Ginger, Kiki and Dexter, my own bed and my own stuff.  It's been a great vacation, a little lonely though, but I did get several scrapbook pages done.

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