Photographing Pets

Meet Dakota (I hope this is Dakota 🙂  She belongs to the owners of the house where I took Danielle and Kyle's engagement photos on Sunday.  She's such a beauty!

This is Chianti (I hope), the boy part of this duo, chewing on his stick.  So darn cute, both Dakota and Chianti.

Both of these beautiful dogs LOVE to fetch (which reminds me SO much of my Labs, Daisy and Zachary).  I loved watching them and photographing them.  

Photographing pets is not all that hard, it just takes patience, and use the automatic settings on your camera (avoid using the flash on the camera).  Most of all, practice, practice, practice and always have the camera nearby.

My handsome boy, Dexter.  

Don't be afraid to shoot close-up.  Try all sorts of different angles.



Have fun.


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