Photographing the Hummingbirds

I have been so excited to photograph the hummingbirds in my own backyard.  I finally set up the camera with my speedlight mounted on the camera, and tripod the past few nights.  I used a wireless remote shutter release which also triggered the flash.  It took some experimentation, but last night, I finally hit on a good combination of photos.  

This is the male ruby throated hummingbird.

This is the female.

Another photo of the female.  The female was so much more animated and curious about what I was doing.

The system for photographing the hummingbirds at home is not as complex as the set-up at the hummingbird workshop I attended earlier this year at the Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon, AZ.  I don't have any external speedlilghts (flashes) except the one on the camera.  I need at least two more flashes that can be mounted on a stand and triggered by the camera.  Better lighting will get rid of the "ghosting" of the wings, where the wings appear on the right side of the hummingbird appear almost translucent.

Needless to say, I am happy with my results, and definitely plan to photograph the hummingbirds again before they fly south for the winter (about mid-September in this area).

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