Photographing Toddlers

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Photographing toddlers is not always the easiest thing to do, especially outside the confines of a professional portrait studio, which I do not have.  One of my favorite subjects, ever, Miss Belle, is now two years old, and full of life and wonder and not sitting still for a second, and not posing for the camera, much less even looking at it.  So I just let her go, and followed her around, and I did manage to get some good shots.  Belle wasn’t even allowing a change of outfits, that’s how determined she was.  I love her spirit, and her sense of adventure, and at the end of the day, she still gave me a hug and kiss. 

DSC_1624LR copy

In the photo above, she was hanging onto the car door telling her Mommy that she was ready to go.  This wasn’t the most successful photo shoot, but that one photo is priceless, and sometimes that one photo is the one you have to roll with.

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