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Photo of nature in my own backyard.

I have a photography assignment due for NYIP that has me stumped at the moment — four photos: (1) using 45 degree lighting and no people, (2) using 90 degree lighting and no people, (3) using backlighting — sun coming towards the camera and backlighting the object, (4) Photograph a person outdoors lit by open shade, and optional photographs:  (5a) Still-life in 45 degree frontlight; (5b) Add reflected light to setup in 5a to open up the shadows.  This has been a tough assignment for me.  Part of the last critique was about composition, and you want to have interesting subjects for your photographs, and you want the photograph to tell a story.  Always ask yourself "What story do I want to tell" when taking photographs or scrapbooking for that matter.  I'm feeling overwhelmed to say the least.  I went surfing on the Internet and found on MSNBC a photo pictoral of "Nature's Best Backyards" — a photography contest.  The photographs are amazing — the last one I could have done without, but it was cool the way the photographer caught the moment because how often do you capture moments like that?  Nature certainly is cruel and unforgiving.

Fierce thunderstorms here today with accompanying hail — kinda scary.  Thankfully no power outages.


(The white stuff on the ground is hail).

This weekend's creative assignment for me is to get my photos done for Unit 3.  Now it's off to watch the Olympics and the women's gymnastics — the individual all around final, which doesn't even start until 11:15 p.m. EDT.

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  1. Teri August 15, 2008 at 9:10 am #

    Guess what??? You just got your macro photo for Unit 5!!! I LOVE it. And the water drops just add to it.

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