Planting the Seeds of Inspiration


I want to plant seeds of inspiration to other women that anything is possible.  Here are a few scenarios that have been presented by some pretty cool women I know:  one is a mom to three kids and has always dreamed of being a school teacher; another young lady is engaged to be married next year and living her dream as a classical ballerina (how amazing is that???) but not sure where her career as a dancer is headed and it is winding down.  I really want them to know that anything is possible — even to some cool women in my own family — don't feel you are too old to have a dream and to live it.  Don't get trapped by all of the outside noise telling you what you should or shouldn't be doing.

By the same token, I have no patience for those women who are not supportive of other women doing their thing (or at least trying to).  There is no room for haters. 

Now go off and dream big and make it happen…(that's what I'm going to do)…. 😉

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  1. Well you are my source of inspiration!

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