Post Script on Halloween 2010

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Halloween is a BIG deal in my neighborhood.  There are tons of kids and therefore lots of costumes to see and candy to give away.  I began counting the kids that come to my house for trick or treating.  This year there were 184 kids BEFORE I ran out of candy at 7:45 p.m.  And the kids kept coming.  I have never run out of candy before, and in that regard I am happy to report this morning that no one egged my house last night. 

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Here are a few tips I'd like to share on pumpkin carving (most of them courtesy of my friend, Heather).

  • After you have traced your pattern with a push pin, put flour over the pattern to make it easier to see the design you are carving.
  • Put Vaseline on the freshly made cuts to keep them from shriveling (especially if carving a few days before Halloween).
  • Try cutting a hole in the bottom instead of the top of your pumpkin — you can throw away the bottom (no one will see it) and you don't have to worry about trying to get the top to fit back on the pumpkin.
  • Use different sized drill bits to drill holes in your pumpkin for a quick and cool design.
  • When setting up your pumpkin display, place glass jars with votive candles in them all around your pumpkins to showcase your masterpieces.  Also, consider placing uncarved pumpkins of varying sizes throughout your display.

Today I'm going to take down all of the Halloween decorations, clean the candle wax out of all of those glass jars 🙁 and begin the oh so fun task of raking leaves.

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  1. Kathy, at first I didn’t understand that this was a blog or even know it was through…lol.
    I started reading and then decided to go back from the begging, you are very inspirational!
    I want to Thank you for giving me the link for the Photography school and for allowing others to follow you on your journey though life.
    I hope after some issue’s I’m going through to be able to get a good camera and then take the course. Hopefully then creating a blog as well on my journey into photography.
    I am enjoying your blog and following it from beginning to current!
    Thank you again,

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