Practicing Joy (and Peacefulness)

imageMy joy and peacefulness was tested yesterday as I went to draft this post and the Internet crashed :(.  I am living in an area that does not offer FIOS, so I have come to accept the occasional outages and frequent slow Internet speeds and dropped signals.  The Internet just came back up, so I am a happy girl.

imageI have been focusing a lot on my word, and figuring out “where does peace and joy come from?”  Of course, the answer is “from within you.”  Let’s face it, I have more of my life behind me than in front of me, and I don’t want to spent whatever time I have left being unhappy, and miserable, and complaining, and whining.  (I did a LOT of that during the holidays.  I apologize to everyone I impacted with my word vomit.  Thank you Sister Christian for being my rock and my voice of reason).

imageMost importantly, I don’t want to have the (permanent) stigma:  “I don’t want to be around her, because all she does is complain.”

imageSo, the other piece of the puzzle is “How do I get there?”  That answer is more difficult to come by, however, for me, this is my list:

Put the focus 100% on you and your thoughts and actions.  Block out blaming anyone or anything else for your state of imbalance and unhappiness.  No one but you can control what you think and how you feel.

  • Turn off the negative filters that constantly play in your head and replace it with something positive.  For example, the stream in my head keeps telling me “you need to lose weight.”  I need to replace that mantra with:  “I am on a journey.  I have lost a lot of weight and kept it off for at least ten years.  I need to continue making healthy food choices, exercising regularly, and having a positive attitude.”
  • LET GO OF WHAT YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER.  This one is HUGE for me.  I think if I could really disengage and not let stuff I can’t control bother me, I would be SO much more peaceful and have a lot more joy in my life.
  • Incorporate yoga and daily exercise into your life.  (This does not have to be all or nothing.  Don’t crash and burn by doing too much, just DO something.)
  • Be conscious of your eating habits.  Make healthy choices most of the time.  Totally cheat one day of the week, and don’t feel guilty.
  • Get rid of ANY material possession in your life that DOES NOT bring you peace and joy.  Clutter robs you of happiness.  We all know it.

imageDoesn’t that look peaceful to you?

This is my starting point.  Now, it’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other, and keeping focused on what I can do to invite peace and joy into my life.

It really is all up to me.

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