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Klp100306YellowstoneNP copy

Klp100306YellowstoneNPb copy

I am all packed and ready for CKU Houston.  I hope the experience will be entertaining as well as informative and I’m looking forward to learning new stuff.  Today’s photos are copies of my entry for the scrapbook page contest.  I think the photos are strong and the journaling honest and the layout is very linear.  We’ll see what the judges think.


There’s a couple of things about CKU that have irked me – one being that I have received at least four e-mails from CK Media about what I thought was for CKU Houston – but it was an invitation to apply for a Scrapbook Rewards Visa card.  In fact, the one today’s subject was:  CKU-Houston Showbook Online! Only to find out it’s an invitation to apply for a Visa.  SO annoying!  The other thing was CKU Houston is "going green," and the program (57 color pages) was available as a download – so basically I have to print it out myself to find out what’s going on at CKU Houston – I don’t get where that’s being green and if I’m paying $445 – they can provide me with a program.  I hate when buzz words like going green really mean "going cheap."


We’ll see what happens at the conference.  Like I said, I’ll try to blog while I’m there.

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