Preparing for the Holidays (Already!)

I got my copy of Martha Stewart’s Halloween issue today (thanks Andrea!), and SO excited to try some of the techniques for pumpkin decorating (thanks to my friend, Heather, for turning me on to all of this Halloween goodness!)  As I have said numerous times in this blog, Halloween is a BIG deal in my neighborhood.  There are tons of kids, and it is SO much fun to be home and passing out candy to the kids.  I also love decorating for Halloween and carving pumpkins.

This year I am also going to design my own costume, so lots going on.

After Halloween, it’s busy right through the New Year.  Having said that, getting a head start on some gifts I am making for Christmas:

Just a little peek.  I’m making some of my gifts this year and because of that, I need to get started early, and keep on top of my progress or else the holidays will be here and I won’t have stuff done.

On a totally unrelated note, I ordered photo cards from Moo to sell for the Muddy Creek Artist Guild Holilday show (which will take place in early December).

Whew, lots going on, and in a good way — the weather has been so crappy for the past week, so it’s nice to focus on things I have control over (like my life!).

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