Project Life 2012/2013

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I FINALLY finished Project
Life 2012, and rushed right into getting busy on documenting 2013.  My life is crazy busy.  Sometimes I have lots of uninterrupted
time to work on scrapbook/art projects (like the past eight days), and then
other times weeks will go by and I barely have time to download photos (but I
do take photos almost every single day, and my go to camera most of the time is
my iPhone 4, and it’s in bad shape, been dropped, the back case is shattered
and it makes for messy flash photos). However, I am waiting until March 9 when I can upgrade to the much
anticipated (and supposedly much better iPhone 5). 

Since I am not in my home studio with my fabulous Epson 2880
photo printer, I have been printing photos on a wireless Epson XP-400 series
all-in-one printer (fax, copy, scan, print).  It does a great job, BUT it goes through ink cartridges
crazy fast.  So, today, I decided
to upload 125 photos (which will catch me up to current day) to CVS for
printing and pick-up the same day (within the hour to be exact, and I had a
coupon for .10 per photo so for $12.50 for 125 photos + tax).  However, the photos are SO not in
order, now going back and figuring out which photos belong in what week.  Now my busy time is coming up, so may
not get to work on this again for awhile, but trust me, I’ll still keep taking

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