Random Thoughts From the Road

(Photo taken with my ancient iphone 3G at sunset while driving (which I don't recommend) on some day other than this one)

So, I dropped off my Mom at the airport yesterday morning at 9:25 a.m. so she could fly home, and I began the 1,044 mile drive home.

The temperature in Ft. Lauderdale at 9:25 a.m. yesterday morning was 76 degrees.  By the time I got to the Florida state line several hours later, I was in long pants and a jacket.  Could not bear to take off my flip flops.

All other stats regarding mileage are in the console of my car at the moment.  I write all of this useless random information down — what time I stop, for how long, what time I cross into a new state, mileage at each of these stops.  

It's just what I do.  It helps me pass the time.

I have done a LOT of driving all over the U.S., and I-95 on the east coast in either direction is BORING and crowded.

I listened to 3 hours of Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Enough said.  But very entertaining.

I listened to 2 hours of Dr. Laura Berman on Oprah Radio. Very Educational.  

Took turns listening to both CNN and Fox News so that I too could be fair and balanced.

I now have a headache.

So thankful for satellite radio, and the Pulse which features today's music (channel 26 on XM) and NO commercials.

Even more thankful that my 2000 Honda Accord with over 182,000 miles has run so well.

What I have figured out is that I have a hard time driving for more than 3 hours without stopping for SOMETHING.  (It's the ADD in me).

I spent the night in Florence, SC, and am 410 miles from home.  

I have to put on socks and shoes and abandon the flip flops 🙁

Hopefully, I will be on the road by the time this posts at 7:00 a.m…

* On a serious note, as a woman that has traveled alone a lot:

  • First, and MOST IMPORTANT, I DO NOT let traveling alone intimidate me, and ALWAYS LISTEN TO MY GUT INSTINCT.
  • I don't drive late into the night when I'm alone. (If my car breaks down, I don't want to be on the side of the road waiting for assistance and leaving myself vulnerable).
  • When stopping at rest stops, I park nearest to the restroom as possible.
  • I walk with confidence and carry my keys and cell phone in my hand at all times.
  • I make sure my cell phone is ALWAYS fully charged.
  • I am ALWAYS aware of my surroundings.
  • I DO NOT give money to any stranger, no matter what.  I tell them I don't carry cash, and keep walking. (Keeping my car keys and cell phone in my hand).  Sorry, you have to realize that your safety is the most important thing, and you can't help everybody.
  • I pay the extra money and stay at the Holiday Inn Express, or other comparable hotel chain.
  • Keep my car door locked at all times.
  • Keep my AAA membership current in case of any car troubles.  (Also serves as an additional discount at many hotels while traveling).

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