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I really love cooking almost as much as photography and scrapbooking.  They are all in a three way tie for first in my “love to do” category.  I was watching 30-Minute Meals hosted by the well-known Rachael Ray.  She said that with the hundreds of recipes she writes every year, she doesn’t reinvent the wheel by creating new recipes, she takes a dish like Goulash, (which she made yesterday) and adds her own twist.  In this instance she made a Goulash with all Greek flavors.

Scrapbooking is a lot like that as well.  I was looking through the latest issue of  Simple Scrapbooks and see that Stacy Julian just published a special magazine publication on mini books, and Ali Edwards also is publishing a book on the same topic.   (The book was supposed to be available in August, but that date has been pushed back to September.)  The ideas in the magazines are all basically recycled with a twist.  So when creating, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just take a tried and true classic or something we just think is really cool and add our own twist.  (That sure makes things a lot easier, doesn’t it?)

Back to cooking for a minute.   Here is a link to a blog I found on Rachael’s website:  101 Cookbooks which won a James Beard Foundation 2007 Book Award Nomination on Health Focus and Super Natural Cooking.  It’s worth checking out.  The recipes are primarily healthy vegetarian.  (I am so on board with that … I just wonder how easy they are to prepare?)

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