Reflections About Today

This has been a long, cold and snowy winter.  But also incredibly beautiful too.  I've been able to capture some awesome photographs of the snow, something we haven't seen a lot of in several years.

I missed my February break to Florida because of the weather, but that's okay.  

I'm getting ready to enter some of my photography into an art show, and putting it all out there before I even know if it'll be accepted or not.  A HUGE step for me.

I have such a great mentor helping me with my photography projects, and am SO grateful to her for her help.  

I am learning so much about my Adobe Creative Suite software, things that are going to help me to be a better digital artist.

I'm getting out and walking the dogs separately almost every day, and especially working with Annie on leash training.

It felt great to get out and about yesterday, and back into the darkroom.

I finally feel at peace with not following the norms of what most other people do.  When it was "my time" to do those things I wouldn't have been either a good wife or mother, mostly because the relationship I had with myself was SO toxic.  I didn't make good choices in relationships.  Self-loathing is a terrible thing, and I would have poisoned those relationships with resentment and bitterness.

I definitely have regrets in my life, but I don't let them hold me back because there's nothing I can do about what has been, I can only change what is yet to be.  I use my past regrets as a learning tool.

Having said the above, I still feel like my story is worth telling, and someone will find something of value in the words that flow through my fingers onto the keyboard and out here into this space.

I feel good about where my life is going.

P.S.  Today would have been Daisy's 15th birthday.  Love you and miss you!  (Daisy was my very first dog, and a rescue I adopted at nine weeks old, and the only reason I know her birthday is because she was born at the animal shelter). 

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  1. That beautiful Daisy is just too cute. Her face is really precious. Sorry she’s no longer with you.

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