A black swallowtail butterfly getting the dew out of an obliging morning glory.  How cool is that?  I loved these photos so much, I'm going to use all of the different shots 😉 so bear with me.

Happy Labor Day to everyone — hope you've enjoyed a great long weekend, and thought of all those that came before us (and labored before us) in order for us to have a three day weekend.

Relax is exactly what I did for most of the weekend.  I was busy Friday running around in the pouring rain to Rockville, MD to Pearl Paint and Penn Camera (both in the same shopping center on Rockville Pike) to get the supplies I needed for school.  On Saturday, I made a trip to AC Moore to get a craft apron I need for my photography class.  It was a plain denim one, so I added a few things and here is the end result:


I LOVE it, and will also use it to protect my clothes at home when painting or otherwise engaged in messy craft activities.  I think I may even buy a fabric pen and write my name down in the corner around one of the curved edges.


On a much more serious note, thoughts and prayers for everyone's safety in the wake of Hurricane Gustav.

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