Remembering to be Thankful

This is a photo of some of my family from Thanksgiving Day.  (from left to right):  Dad, my nephew Brenton, my nephew, Troy, my brother, Steve, and his wonderful girlfriend Julie.  And you can also see part of the wonderful feast in the foreground of this photo.  I was so thankful that my brother and his family came to Thanksgiving at my Dad's.  Sometimes we can't all be with the people we love on the "exact" day.  But it's about the celebration, not the day of the week you choose to celebrate.  So I still have one more Thanksgiving dinner planned for tomorrow (and the great part — my own leftovers — which is always the best part of a Thanksgiving dinner — turkey and fixins' for days).  And, I'm also making Parker House Rolls, and there was so much dough, that I froze some, and will use it later.

I am so thankful for:

Making the decision to mulch the leaves in my front and back yard the day before Thanksgiving:

12 drum liner sized bags of leaves from the front and back.  I am so thankful that I am physically capable of mulching and raking my own yard (even though I am SO allergic to the moldy leaves — my eyes and nose are running — I still manage to trudge through) because I want my yard to look nice, and no one is going to care as much about my yard as I do.  Now I need to get all of the bird feeders cleaned out and filled for the cold weather.

Really, I am just so thankful for my life.  It didn't turn out ANYTHING like I expected, but it's all good.

P.S.  I am going to save the rest of the rafting journey trip until after the holidays.  I will refer back to the first post and catch up.  There is just too much going on right now.


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