Renaissance Festival


I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival over the weekend with Nanette and Mike:


As you can see, they dressed up, I did not, although I may change my mind and dress up next year.  The festival was so much fun, people really took dressing up in period costumes very seriously.  I took about 150 photos, and less than half were worthy of uploading to the Kodak Gallery. If you are interested, the rest of the photos are here.

I was hoping to get into my studio and have some creative time, but it just didn't happen :-(.  However, I am working on some journaling for a future project, and I did get into my studio and put things away, and I got one of my National Park pages done, which is just following a basic format, choosing seven photos and doing the journaling.  I will get those pages loaded up and provide a link this week.

I got my portrait photos done on Friday (thanks, Heather, for being my model).  I got the film processed (no prints), but am not sure how the pictures turned out yet, as I still have to do the contact sheets.

Big test in Color Photography this evening, and will spend the 3 hours between Black & White Photography and History of Photography studying.

Started documenting this week in my life (Sunday, October 4 – Saturday, October 10, 2009).  Lots going on this fall, determined not to get overwhelmed and even more determined to enjoy this beautiful weather.

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