Repaired Wind Chimes :)

These beautiful wind chimes have been bringing me music (outside of my bedroom window) since my Mom gave them to me as a house warming present when I moved into my house seven years ago.  Due to the seasons, the wind would caress my chimes more so in the late summer through the fall and winter, but would remain largely silent during the summer.

Over time, the weather had dry rotted the sting holding the chimes together and as a result one of the chimes fell off.  I told my mother what had happened, and she said David (her husband, and my stepfather) had the same thing happened to their wind chimes, and David was able to successfully re-string their chimes.

David generously offered to re-string all of my chimes for me, and did a wonderful job (as usual).

I brought my newly re-strung chimes home yesterday, and put them in their place right out side of my bedroom window, and in an unusual twist of fate, the winds were blowing rather briskly from the northwest today, and I got to hear the sweet, beautiful music from my wind chimes, for a brief moment in time.

Soon the winds will change, and my chimes will be silent, until the winds change again (about August 20th), announcing the coming of cooler weather…eventually.

Thank you, David.  I owe you a home cooked meal 🙂

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