Right Here, Right Now

Everyday life for me here at home:

DSC_2580Ginger, my 13 year old male cat sitting on the ledge of the kitchen window, one of his favorite places to sit when he’s outside.  Always in and out with him.  He is allowed out because he doesn’t hunt (I kept him in until he was about 10), and he stays close to home.

DSC_2581My peonies are blooming beautifully this year!  This particular plant I photographed didn’t even bloom at all last year.

DSC_2585Another close up.  Peonies are definitely one of my favorite flowers.  They are also one of my Mom’s favorites and my Granny’s as well.  They are perennials, but the flowers themselves only last about a week or two, which is not nearly enough time to properly enjoy them.

DSC_2591My clematis’s are blooming as well.

DSC_2593The backyard.

DSC_2594This is my “schizophrenic” climbing hydrangea.  (Seriously, that’s what it’s called or something close to it).  It is almost to the top of the pergola, finally!

DSC_2601Miss Annie on high alert as I get ready to toss the tennis ball.  🙂  I swear that dog is smiling when she’s running back to me with that ball in her mouth.

DSC_2602After a good fetch, it’s time to rest (and chew on the tennis ball).

This is going to be a low key weekend at home, cleaning off the patio, and tackling my craft room (so NOT looking forward to that!)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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