Road Trip Day 5: Wrightsville Beach to Charleston, SC


Charleston, SC at night.

Really tired tonight — will do a full post tomorrow.

Now it's Wednesday morning, just before 8:00 a.m.  I'm rested and ready to go today.  However, back to the events of yesterday.  I fully enjoyed my morning in Wrightsville Beach.  I had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel dining room, and then took a LONG walk on the beach — it was heaven…I may just have to change my beach plans for next year, and head to the North Carolina beaches south of the Outer Banks.


I reluctantly left the beach and headed inland to have my battery checked.  I stopped at Advance Auto Parts and the guys in there were so nice and checked my battery for free.  The battery was fine and has been fine ever since I got the jump start on the ferry.  Now onto obsessing about something else, such as where was I going to stay in Charleston? Downtown or near the beach?  I stopped at the visitor’s center once I crossed into South Carolina to pick up some brochures and get some information, and the woman behind the desk  couldn’t have been more helpful.  She told me about a $109 hotel room special in the historic district that also included breakfast.  Sold – that took care of where I was staying last night and booked the room right there at the visitor’s center.  I had checked rooms in the historic district on the Internet before I left Wrightsville Beach, and they were all a lot more expensive than that.  A good travel tip:  Check for room rates at the visitor's center — they will often have unadvertised specials.  This Visitor's Center had several faxes from several different properties all offering reduced room rates not advertised to the general public.

I also made a stop at Pawley’s Island – which besides being known for its exclusive beachfront property also is known for making hammocks.  I stopped at one of the little shopping villages:


This house was built in 1971.  All of the lumber used for the rooms came from slave cabins built proior to 1750. Pretty incredible.

I arrived in Charleston about 6:00 p.m. and have a quaint room — just outside the doors to the hotel, my own private little apartment so to speak with a huge window and two rows of shutters to keep out the light and for privacy.  The Anchorage Inn is located on 26 Vendue Range, and right in the heart of the historic district.

I did some shooting last night and this morning, I'm going on a tour of the city.  Then it's off to Hilton Head Island  I think I'm going to skip Savannah this trip.  I've been to Savannah twice already, and I want to spend my last day relaxing on the beach before I head back home. 

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