Road Trip and Hank Williams

This is a magnolia blossom from my magnolia tree in my own yard, taken today.

Yesterday, Mom and I drove up to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, a very busy little town about 85 miles north from where Mom lives in Northern Virginia.  We went up there to see a play called Hank Williams:  Lost Highway at the Totem Pole Playhouse.  Mom knows the guy playing Hank Williams, Robbie Limon, an entertainer she and my stepfather, David, had discovered while visiting various wineries in the Virginia countryside.  Mom has long said what a great entertainer Robbie was, and she suggested we go and see the play.  I love live performances, and although the music of Hank Williams was way before my time, I know a lot of his music.  The performance was fabulous, we all know a Hank Williams song, even if we think we don't.  Hank Williams was an extremely talented singer and songwriter, whose life tragically ended at the age of 29.  Everyone played their part to perfection, especially Robbie.  He was really happy we came backstage after the performance to tell him how great we thought the show was.  If you have the chance to go and see the show, I highly recommend it, and it is playing through June 12.

Mom and I had discussed staying at a quaint bed and breakfast somewhere in the area, but most of the rooms had only one bed, except for one place, called the Inn at Ragged Edge.  One of their rooms had two full beds.  We went back and forth, and then when it came time to make the reservation, Mom couldn't find the website to book the room, so we ended up at the Sheraton, which worked out fine.  

However, we drove by the Inn at Ragged Edge, just to take a look, and it was gorgeous.  The owner was gracious enough to give us a tour.  The Inn is about 100 years old, and belonged to a railroad magnate.  The house has the original wood flooring, and mahogany paneling (imported from Africa) and chestnut paneling going up the stairs to the three upper levels, and ornate wood carvings in the trim work.  The architecture was modeled after Frank Lloyd Wright, and all of the guest rooms were beautifully decorated.  The porch wrapped around the entire house, and in the back there was a fabulous view of the creek and plenty of seating available just to relax and take it all in.  A perfect place to get away from it all, and a place I plan to stay at in the near future (especially when going to see more performances at the Totem Pole Playhouse).

This morning, Mom and I got up and went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel (thanks, Mom, for going to Cracker Barrel with me) before heading back to her house.  It would have been closer for me just to drive up alone, but that's no fun, and neither is rush hour traffic around the Washington Beltway, so I had to leave Mom's shortly after we got back to her house, so that I could home before the madness.

Seriously, if you have a chance to go to the Totem Pole Playhouse to see a show.  The Playhouse has been in operation for 61 years.  And make your reservations to stay overnight at the Inn at Ragged Edge.  You won't be disappointed.  

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