Ruthless Purging

DSC_5470I am in a fragile state of mind as I am in the (tedious) process of purging stuff from my house.  The clutter monster has taken control again, which tends to happen if I'm not fastidiously on top of the stuff that comes into this house.  I have only myself to blame, so not wasting my time beating myself up about it, I just have to get busy and start throwing stuff away.  

Good thing Purple Heart will be coming through the neighborhood on May 20th, so I will contact them to make sure they stop here, as well as making sure they have plenty of stuff to haul away.

Today, I tackled my office, and threw away SO MUCH junk mail and catalogs.  I am at the point where all of the immediate clutter fires have been put out (except for my craft room, and that's another WHOLE blog post).  I need to get my bedrooms cleared out as much as possible because the carpet needs to be replaced, really bad….  

So I am going to spend this summer getting rid of stuff, and looking at new flooring.  I am seriously thinking about hardwood floors.

And being ruthless about it (both the floors and throwing out stuff).

In the meantime, this is the help I'll be getting:

(Because he's so darn cute, I'll let him slide :) 

This is one pile of stuff that I just can't let go of:

The evidence of Daisy, Zachary, Ranger, and Killer (our family cat) existed.  I have folders for all of my pets, and all of their medical stuff goes into these folders.  The last vet bill for Killer on November 5, 1993, was $155.50.  She was euthanized on November 8, 1993.  

These folders aren't going anywhere.

Back to work…

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