RV Park Life Snowbird Style

image(We used zip ties and two straw mats attached to the side of the awing to provide some much needed shade from the afternoon sun.  We got the idea from a camper next to us).

Living on the road in an RV park has been quite an experience, much different than I expected, and far from anything I’ve experienced while camping so far.  You can’t really call staying in an RV park caming.  It just isn’t.  You are living in a home on wheels with all of the modern amenitites, running water, hot water, air conditioning, plumbing, etc.  Maybe “glamping” (glamor camping) is more like it.


Many reitred folks who live north of Florida, just pack up the RV after Christmas (or sometimes even earlier), and call an RV park in Florida home for up to six months out of the year.  Many people make friends in these parks and meet up every year, and often secure the same exact site year after year.  The commradiarie is commendable.  The park also has activities for the residents, pot luck suppers, bingo nights, arts and crafts, and water aerobics, to name just a few.

imagePeople go all out to decorate their campsites.  We have seen a little of everything.  Golf carts are the primary means of transportation in the RV parks.

We met a couple from Australia that purchased a motor home here, and have seen the entire United States over the past few years.  They store the motor home here in the States, fly home for an extended period, and fly back, pick up their motor home and continue on their travels.  They have finished their tour of the States, and have just sold their motor home to a fellow Australian, and are meeting shortly to finalize the sale.

imageThe RVs in these parks run from a small towable basic unit to a huge tractor trailer size units running several hundered thousand dollars.  Many of the higher end units even come equipped with their own washers and dryers.

image(Bingo night at one of the resorts).  What we know for sure is that everyone we have come across in our travels has been so friendly.

I love that fact that we can move our home on wheels if we get tired of a location, we can bring our dogs, and we don’t have to pay for a place every month whether we’re there or not.

We are making plans already to secure a spot for next winter.

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