• A lot of drama at work this week which resulted in some major changes.  I think change is a good thing.  Women are sometimes so not nice to each other and that's a shame. 
  • Not feeling 100 percent so going to take it slow and easy today — being kind to myself.
  • Going to work on some fun projects in my craft room (Finally)  Here's to loads of creative inspiration coming my way.
  • Focusing on the elements of my life I have control over and letting go of the rest.
  • Working on my list of 100 Things I Love for 2009 and creating a 2-page (12×12) layout.
  • Continue loading photos to the Kodak Gallery (ongoing and taking FORever).
  • Thinking of new topics to blog about … hmmmmmmm….
  • Enjoying the weekend (I don't have to work  ;-)).

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