&&%##*)&^$@@ Scanner!


My scanner just stopped working for no reason the other day.  I could print, but not scan.

I was troubleshooting all of the error messages on Google.  

Turning the computer off and then on.

Uninstalling and re-installng the HP Printer software.

Checking to see if I had the most current drivers.

Checking twain_32 (whatever that is)…


Someone who is so NOT computer literate suggested "Why don't you just contact HP directly?"

So, I did.

Though a chat forum on their website.

It took awhile, but the problem was I simply needed to unplug the printer and push the on/off switch for 30 seconds and then plug the printer back in.

I found out my printer is over 5 years old, but still works great. 

I also found out that they do not provide any tech support for Macs, so I had to do all of this from the windows computer.

(The tech suggested upgrading…)  I so will if I can't scan anymore…


I can now scan again.  Who knew the solution was so simple???

Now everything is back to normal.

I like normal.

Normal feels good.

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