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Klp081606WingsofWonder copy

A two-page spread I finally completed on the 2006 Wings of Fancy exhibit at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD.  The exhibt this year runs until Sunday, September 21st.  I knew I wanted the two enlarged butterflies on my layout and it took quite a while to figure out the placement of the other items on the page.  But, I'm happy with the results.  So, it's okay to put partially completed pages aside instead of feeling forced to finish them — you won't like the results.

Zachary and I took a nice drive to get tomatoes  at one of the many farmers markets here in this area (SO lucky to have such an abundant choice of local produce).  I didn’t even think to take photos – so in the moment enjoying the day.

I finally got my signed copy of Ali Edwards’ new book:  Sharing Your Story.  Recording Life’s Details with Mini Books.  ($19.99 at  Creating Keepsakes website in stock, also $19.99 at pre-order, and $13.57 at Amazon available for pre-order).  I like the concept of the book, and there are some cool mini books and mini book ideas in there.  My favorite book of hers is still Life Artist.  I hope she does another book like that in the future.

I also purchased Cathy Zielske's Clean and Simple Scrapbooking and Clean & Simple Scrapbooking The SquelI purchased both of these from the Creating Keepsakes website and they were both on sale $9.99 and $7.49 respectively.  I really love her style — and her blog is hilarious!

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