Selective Focus


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Just because I’m in pain doesn’t mean I need to be one. ~ Maya Angelou

Love that quote!  I made myself focus today on getting this layout done.  No wonder I’m not feeling the least bit creative – my craft room is in total disarray – it is truly reflecting my current emotional state (read:  scrambled eggs).  I had this whole rant typed up about what a funk I’ve been in – but decided nobody needs to read that word pollution – it is a current reality in my life at the moment.  Really working on feeling what I feel but also trying to work through it and not get stuck here. 

Anyway, while reading Quantum Wellness, Kathy Freston says one of the ways to achieve spiritual balance is to serve others.  So I went to see my Mom yesterday (who is out of commission for top secret reasons ;-)) and brought food.  We had a nice visit, and I showed her all the stuff I made at CKU Houston.  (My mom is so cute and thinks I’m just as creative as some other people out there ;-))


Ali Edwards has joined the ranks at Designer Digitals, you can check it out here.


Okay, joining the gym today — gotta do it — weight lifting is in my immediate future and so is a personal trainer.  (I wish I could get as excited about exercise as my dog does)…


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