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I finally finished my 2007 Year In Review 2-page spread.  For some reason, it refuses to load into Type Pad (I’ve loaded other scrapbook pages with the same file size), so you can see the pages here.  I realized the reason I hadn’t completed my year in review was that I felt overwhelmed by all that happened last year (a great year – and a LOT to document).  By documenting your year and pinpointing the highlights, it takes the pressure off getting all of those pages done of all of those great moments.  When it comes time to document specific events in more detail, you can do so without guilt.

I also felt overwhelmed by how I was going to design the 2007 page – and clean and simple was the only way to go with so much to document.  I love all of the scrapbook bling, just like the next girl, but it really is about the photos AND the story.  (There really isn’t one without the other — it’s like baking a great cake and not frosting it).  I feel that so much of our creativity as scrapbookers is stifled by ALL of the STUFF – it’s like sensory overload, and my creativity shuts down. 

My scrapbooking process (generally) goes as follows:

Page idea is born (i.e. 2007 Year in Review)

Select Photos (decide on size and print*).  Jessica Sprague has a great tutorial on how to size photos in Photoshop Elements – I decided to make all of my photos 2”x2” and  one favorite photo 4”x6.”  (BTW, Jessica Sprague is a wonderfully creative digital scrapbooker, and a technical wiz — check out her website here).

Sit down at project table with photos and magazines and books to get inspiration – visually sketch page(s) out (I should physically draw a sketch, but am not there yet).

Match up papers and embellishments.

Clear off project table of everything except project elements.

Put page together and complete journaling.  (This is a one step seamless process for me).

* One of the best investments I’ve made was to purchase a wide format printer.  It has eight separate ink cartridges and costs about $12 per cartridge to replace, but the HUGE benefit is when I have great ideas flowing and am in the middle of a project – I can print beautiful professional looking photos in an instant.

BTW, there is also a free digital download kit available from the Creating Keepsakes website (scroll down towards the bottom).

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